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From Congressman Brad Ashford Annual Veterans Resources and Jobs Summit 

Our veterans have served our country with honor, and now it is our duty to help them successfully transition back home. I have the distinct honor to host the 2nd Annual Veterans Resources and Jobs Summit on Tuesday, July 26th from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm at the Ramada Inn Convention Center located at 3321 S 72nd Street in Omaha.

My staff will be joined by guests from local organizations and federal agencies who will provide resources to attendees throughout the afternoon. Representatives from the Small Business Administration and the Omaha Chamber of Commerce will host informational sessions for veterans who are interested in starting their own business, and the Veteran Administration will be sending staff members to deliver health screenings and assist attendees with casework.

All afternoon the area’s premier employers will take part in a veterans’ job fair. This is a great opportunity for veterans to connect with companies that have special initiatives for hiring veterans. Come prepared for an interview.

Last year’s Summit was extremely successful, and my office is looking forward to having a record number of attendees and exhibitors this year. By cutting the budget typically used to send promotional mass mailings, my office was able to increase funding for this and other outreach events that actually benefit the 2nd District.

You can learn more about the event and RSVP by visiting my website at If you have questions, contact Kyle Keith by calling 402-916-5678.

Senator Heath Mello Applauds FHA Policy Guidance Endorsing Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing

July 20th, 2016

OMAHA, NE – Building off the recent passage of LB 1012, Senator Heath Mello (District 5 – South Omaha) applauded the Federal Housing Administration’s announcement yesterday of PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) guidance that will expand access to energy-efficient improvements to homeowners and spur job growth in the clean energy sector. Yesterday’s announcement is the first federal housing policy recognizing PACE as a tax assessment that can co-exist along with FHA mortgages.

“We’ve known for years that the upfront costs for energy-efficient upgrades is one of the largest barriers preventing property owners from making meaningful improvements to their homes and businesses,” said Senator Mello. “By authorizing the City of Omaha, City of Lincoln, and the hundreds of cities across Nebraska to implement a new, strategic financing method through the creation of clean energy assessment districts, we can spur job-creation and the further development of the clean energy industry across Nebraska.”

This new guidance from the Federal Housing Administration provides clarity for cities across Nebraska when developing city ordinances creating Property Assessment Clean Energy districts and implementing PACE programs. During the passage of LB 1012, this guidance was discussed as a key component to ensure the proper implementation of PACE in Nebraska.

“Helping the private sector create quality, high-paying jobs has been a key priority for me during my eight years in the Nebraska Legislature,” Mello said. “With LB 1012 and the new FHA guidance, helping homeowners reduce their energy bills and increase the value of their property all while spurring the creation of new, high-skilled jobs is a ‘win-win’ for Nebraskans.”

 From Senator Heath Mello

Webster's Dictionary defines 'responsibility' as "a duty or task that you are required or expected to do."

Taking 'responsibility' to actually put forth bold proposals to help solve the serious problems we face is one of the motivating factors of why I entered public service.

That's why this past legislative session working closely with Senator Jim Smith and Governor Ricketts, we created the state's first infrastructure bank to begin a 20-year approach to address long-delayed and critical infrastructure upgrades to roads, bridges, and expressways across Nebraska. It wasn't easy and finding consensus took time and patience.

Why does this matter?

Because at some point, residents of Omaha will demand our Mayor and Public Works Department take "responsibility" for the condition of the city infrastructure and no longer let them take the "it's not my fault" approach to fixing the problem.

The bigger question exists if whether we really can fix our 'crumbling infrastructure' or are we doomed to band-aid approaches to help us limp from election to election.

We can solve this problem, but more importantly we must solve this problem because Omaha families and businesses deserve better.

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No July Meeting Douglas County Democrats

July 11, 2016
2016 General Election -

First day to request an early voting ballot for statewide general.

July 25-28 Democratic Convention Philadelphia Pa


Welcome to the Douglas County Democrats!

Thank you for visiting us. There is much happening as we gear up for the November elections. We are organizing to elect Democrats across the county to important offices and we need your time, treasure, and talent to get the work done. If you are interested in volunteering to help with data entry, campaigns and elections, event planning, or have ideas about how we can better serve Democrats we want to hear from you. All are welcome and appreciated, if you don’t have time to donate, we will also accepting cash donations just click the red button at the top of the page, a donation in any amount is welcome and appreciated. Please support your fellow Democrats with time or treasure because we can’t do it without you!

Crystal Rhoades – Chair Douglas County Democrats

2 Winnebago Tribe Members Ready To Represent Nebraska at Democratic Convention


WINNEBAGO – Out of the 38 Nebraska delegates heading to Philadelphia next week for the Democratic National Convention, only two are from Northeast Nebraska.

And in fact, both are Winnebago tribe members and have the same last name.

Frank and Michelle La Mere, who are related by marriage, were both chosen as delegates at the Nebraska State Democratic Convention in June and will now have the chance to be a part of the process that officially picks the Democratic nominee for the presidential election in November.

This upcoming convention in the City of Brotherly Love could be an interesting one to follow, as there will be a great deal of support for Bernie Sanders to take the nomination over likely winner Hilary Clinton.

“I expect the convention to be spirited, I would be disappointed if it was not, we have a lot of newer people we have a lot of younger people,” says Frank La Mere.

National Conventions are nothing new for Frank La Mere, who will be attending his 8th straight Democratic National Convention. While La Mere is a Hilary Clinton delegate, he is excited about the prospect of Sanders bringing his progressive ideas to the DNC agenda and draws parallels to his first convention 28 years ago.

“I was a Jesse Jackson supporter in 1988 a lot of us knew that he was not going to win but he was going to set the agenda,” says La Mere.

Michelle La Mere is somebody less familiar with the convention process. She has never been a delegate and really became involved with the Democratic Party this election year, throwing her support behind Senator Sanders.

“It’s kind of a miracle because I had never been involved in politics at all so this is my first time doing everything.”

While she is still holding out hope that the super delegates will vote Sanders instead of Clinton, she can already take satisfaction in knowing that some of Sanders far-left agenda has been adopted by Hilary Clinton.

“Most if of it is his platform now. What she started out with doesn’t look anything like what we ended up with. So we’re excited because it’s the most progressive platform in history.”

While the nominee’s speeches may be the thing that sticks out most to the public at conventions, the delegates that attend have the chance to sit in on caucus meetings that ultimately decide where the Democratic Party is going in the future. Frank La Mere says he is treating the convention as a business trip.

“I want to be the first one there and the last one to leave. That’s what makes for a good convention. There’s nothing fun, nothing frivolous about it, I go there to work, I go there to learn.”

One person missing from this year’s convention is Frank’s daughter Lexie. Lexie Wakan La Mere was ready to attend her senior year at Creighton University before she passed away from Leukemia in early 2014.

Lexie La Mere was an up and comer in the Nebraska Democratic Party, being elected as a 20-year old delegate in 2012. Frank remembers her as energetic, bold and always seeking change, she was also no stranger to the convention process, traveling there her dad since she was born.

“This would have been her 7th convention. Her first one I remember her on the floor of Madison Square Garden, two and a half months old on the cradleboard.”

The Democratic Convention kicks off Monday July 25th and will conclude on Thursday the 28th.

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