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Vote Early Nebraska is a site designed by Ballot Hero to make voting early easy. As a registered Nebraska voter*, you can vote early by either requesting that your ballot be mailed to you or by visiting your county's Election Commission Office. (Remember, requesting an early voting ballot eliminates your right to vote at your polling place.)

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Michelle Obama's Speech


CD2 Voters, 

After last week’s leaked recording in which Donald Trump bragged about degrading women and condoned sexual assault, Anderson Cooper asked Trump if he had ever assaulted a woman. Trump unequivocally said, “no.” He lied to the nation.

In the past 24 hours, numerous women have told their story about the time they were assaulted by Donald Trump. There is the reporter, the businesswoman, the secretary, the woman at Mar-a-Lago, and the 21-year old beauty pageant contestant. Then there are the stories of Trump walking in on teenage beauty pageant contestants while they were changing, and the time he declared “I’m going to be dating her in ten years” about a ten-year-old girl. More stories are sure to come.

The President should be a role model – someone our children can look up to and aspire to be. Donald Trump is the opposite of that. Electing him will perpetuate a dangerous culture of disrespect toward women that teaches our sons that there are no consequences for their actions, and teaches our daughters that they should live in fear. The President should represent the best America has to offer, not the worst.

Trump's comments towards women have been disturbing since day one. He has called women “fat pigs,” “slobs,” and “dogs,” but his physical actions towards women are disgusting and indefensible. What he attempted to brush off as “locker room banter,” was much, much more than that.

Donald Trump possesses a fundamental disrespect of women so strong that every voter in CD2 should take note, and then vote against him. He must not become our President.


Crystal Rhoades, Nebraska Public Service Commissioner

Diane Battiato, Douglas County Register of Deeds

John Ewing, Douglas County Treasurer

Mike Boyle, Douglas County Commissioner

Sara Howard, State Senator LD 9

Burke Harr, State Senator LD 8

Tanya Cook, State Senator LD 13

Lacey Merica, OPS School Board

Yolanda Williams, OPS School Board

Marque Snow, OPS School Board

Tony Vargas, OPS School Board

Kara Eastman, MCC Board of Governors

Linda McDermitt, MCC Board of Governors

Dan Esch, Douglas County Clerk


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Stronger Together Canvas

Join progressives, union members and young people for a series of Stronger Together canvasses that Chair-Elect Jane Kleeb, Nebraska AFL-CIO President Sue Martin, Progressive Nebraska, Adams County, Hall County, Douglas County Democrats, and Democratic Caucuses are putting together! We will walk for local candidates and the first woman President, Sec. Clinton!

Omaha, Nov. 5, Noon-3pm
Meet at the HRC Omaha office. We will leave in shifts starting at noon. You get a free t-shirt and invitation for pizza after the canvass!
Address for HRC Omaha office: 8710 F St, Ste 112, Omaha
RSVP online:

Questions! Email Jane Kleeb, 


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