Amanda’s Bio

Amanda has proudly called Omaha home for 6 years. Upon graduation from Minden Public Schools, she moved to Omaha to begin her college career. A product of public schools, she developed a love for education at an early age that helped shape her into a leader both on the UNO campus and within the Omaha community. Since moving to Omaha, she has been involved with various community organizations including an internship with Project Interfaith and AIM. During her involvement with Project Interfaith, she developed the Project Interfaith Educator’s Trunk on the World’s Religions, which were available to be checked out by area public school educators. In 2012, Amanda received a FUSE Grant through UNO to research how welcoming members of various faith communities feel Omaha is to practice their beliefs. She received her BA in Religious Studies with a focus on the intersections of religion, society, and policy in 2013 and is currently working towards her Masters in Sociology.

Amanda firmly believes that our community is a reflection of our education system, and by investing in students’ education starting in Kindergarten, we are investing in our community by developing an educated, talented youth community that loves Omaha, and is ready to give back to the community that has shaped them. Being on the Omaha Public School Board of Education will allow her to continue to engage with those that have shaped both the person she is and the passions she has: the educational community and Omaha.

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