Andy Holland

Hello Delegate,

My name is Andy Holland, and I am a candidate for Nebraska Democratic National Committeewoman.

The constitution of the Nebraska Democratic Party states that the “national committee representatives shall reflect the state party philosophy to the national committee, shall act as liaisons between the state and national parties, shall use their public visibility to the best advantage and aid of the state Party and in soliciting financial support for it, and, shall perform all other duties as are prescribed by the Nebraska Democratic Party, and by the bylaws and procedures of the Democratic National Committee.”

For the last four years I have served the party as the Chair of the Finance Committee, whose job it is to raise funds for the state party.  I have taken this responsibility very seriously, and have worked very hard to live up to my obligations.  With the help of the Finance committee members, I have brought in many donors that had never supported the party before, and brought back donors that had drifted away for a variety of reasons. The sustaining donor program is in terrific shape, thanks to the dedication, tenacity and hard work of Finance Committee member Peg Lippert.

I have also raised money for Democratic candidates up and down the ballot, and for many of the other progressive organizations with which I am involved, but my primary responsibility is the promise I made to the state party to work to support the party financially.

The party has to have money to do the many things we need to do to support our candidates and elected officials.  Could we do more?  You bet – if we have the money.  Even with scores of volunteers, there are costs in terms of staff time to coordinate efforts, costs for materials, and more.

Fundraising is a part of grassroots development.  We want to bring more and more people into the party as volunteers, donors, and voters.  When someone gives financially to an organization, it is statement of that person’s belief in the mission, and the organization’s ability TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

The concept of large contributions and small contributions is relative.  What is large to one person is small to another.  I honor the person who makes a $10 donation, the same as someone who can make a $10,000 donation. I have demonstrated the willingness to make calls for “small” donations as well as “large.”   We will work to expand our community of donors of every kind, through social media, events, email campaigns, making phone calls, and so on.  We will need a committed team of volunteers to make this possible.

The party has grown over the last four years.  I believe that I am the best person to help continue the tremendous progress we have made, by helping to provide the resources that make that possible.

Thank-you, and I would appreciate your vote. Feel free to call me if you have any questions or would just like to talk.

Andy Holland


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