February 16, Twenty-Sixth Day

Good Morning, Leg. Watchers! I hope you had a grand weekend!

Here is the schedule for a very busty day in the State Legislature.

Tuesday, February 16, Twenty-Sixth Day of the
One Hundred Fourth Legislature – Second Session

The following rules apply to Consent Calendar:
1) If any three members of the Legislature object to the bill being considered on Consent Calendar, please advise the Clerk in writing. Such requests must be filed with the Clerk prior to the expiration of 15 minutes of debate, at this stage of consideration, on the bill to be removed.

2) Upon either the completion of debate or the expiration of 15 minutes, whichever comes first, a vote shall be taken to advance the bill and on any pending motions or amendments pursuant to Rule 5, Section 6(d).

3) Any amendment adopted, other than the standing committee amendment, which adds new subject matter to the bill will result in the bill not being scheduled at the next stage of debate.

LB 676 (Craighead) Revise powers of state-chartered banks, building and loan associations, and credit unions
LB 798 (Johnson) Change provisions of the Nebraska Pure Food Act
LB 778 (Williams) Change provisions relating to the Nebraska Money Transmitters Act and the Nebraska Installment Sales Act
LB 864 (Crawford) Change provisions relating to a municipality requesting additional extraterritorial zoning jurisdiction
LB 700 (Mello) Require notice to neighborhood associations for changes to business improvement districts and zoning ordinances in cities of the metropolitan class
LB 703 (Urban Affairs Committee) Change provisions relating to nuisances in cities and villages
LB 729 (Johnson) Change provisions of the Real Property Appraiser Act
LB 758 (Scheer) Prohibit limited liability companies from operating as insurers
LB 840 (Fox) Change provisions relating to the time allowed for certain internal grievances under the Health Carrier External Review Act
LB 921 (Riepe) Eliminate provisions relating to organic food
LB 735 (Friesen) Provide a length limit exception for an articulated bus vehicle operated by a transit authority
LB 811 (Brasch) Change provisions relating to counties’ use of alphanumeric and county number system license plates
LB 929 (Brasch) Update certain references to federal regulations regarding motor vehicles and motor carriers
LB 776 (Gloor) Change revenue and taxation provisions
LB 807 (Williams) Allow counties of all sizes to waive quarterly reports by county attorneys
LB 1035 (Williams) Redefine farm product and change provisions relating to the central filing system and the master lien list
LB 734 (Watermeier) Change residency provisions relating to Nebraska National Guard members for college tuition purposes
LB 718 (Groene) Change requirements for an application for a waiver of college tuition and fees by a dependent of a veteran
LB 753 (Crawford) Extend protection under federal Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act to Nebraska employees serving in the National Guard of another state
LB 786 (Larson) Change requirements for completion of death certificates and cremation permits
LB 859 (Campbell) Change cease and desist orders under the Uniform Credentialing Act
LB 898 (Fox) Exempt persons solely engaged in natural hair braiding from credentialing requirements under the Uniform Credentialing Act

LR 26CA (Larson) Constitutional amendment to change the age for eligibility to public office
LB 295 (Scheer) Require notice and a comment period regarding zoning ordinances affecting certain extraterritorial zoning jurisdictions
LB 221 (Harr) Provide for disposition of a tenant’s personal property upon death
LB 53 (Scheer) Provide for issuance of one license plate for passenger cars as prescribed
LB 311 (Transportation and Telecommunications Committee) Change provisions relating to the Motor Vehicle Operator’s License Act and CLP-learner’s permit issuance and applications for commercial drivers’ licenses
LB 400 (Smith) Change filing requirements for statements of financial interest
LB 400A (Smith) Appropriation Bill
LB 378 (Groene) Change requirements for voter approval of borrowing money for public improvements by a first-class city
LB 328 (Schilz) Change provisions of the Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Contractors Certification and System Registration Act
LB 19 (Krist) Change provisions relating to laboratory certification under the Nebraska Safe Drinking Water Act

LB 970 (Larson) Change provisions relating to pickle cards and keno and authorize methods of payment for gambling

LB 223 (Harr) Change provisions of the Insured Homeowners Protection Act relating to contractor duties and prohibited acts and provide for a required notice
LB 428 (Garrett) Provide an exemption from motor vehicle taxation for certain veterans
LB 510 (Cook) Provide an income tax credit to employers of public assistance recipients
LB 510A (Cook) Appropriation Bill
LB 28 (Krist) Adopt the Radon Resistant New Construction Act
LB 105 (Watermeier) Change provisions relating to payment of fees and costs associated with deaths of incarcerated persons and grand juries
LB 105A (Watermeier) Appropriation

• Adjourn until Wednesday, February 17, 2016 at 9:00 a.m.

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