Gen File 19th Day

Good Morning, Leg. Watchers!

Nineteenth Day
One Hundred Fourth Legislature Second Session

LB 295 (Scheer) Require municipalities to have county approval before enforcing ordinances in the extraterritorial zoning jurisdiction
LB 221 (Harr) Provide for disposition of a tenant’s personal property upon death
LB 53 (Scheer) Provide for issuance of one license plate for passenger cars as prescribed
LB 311 (Transportation and Telecommunications Committee) Change provisions relating to CLP- learner’s permit issuance and applications for commercial drivers’ licenses
LB 400 (Smith) Change filing requirements for statements of financial interest
LB400A (Smith) Appropriation Bill
LB378 (Groene) Change requirements for voter approval of borrowing money for public improvements by a first-class city
LB328 (Schilz) Change provisions of the Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Contractors Certification and System Registration Act
LB 19 (Krist) Change provisions relating to laboratory certification under the Nebraska Safe Drinking Water Act
LB 188 (Watermeier) Change provisions relating to innocent third parties injured during a vehicular pursuit
LB428 (Garrett) Provide an exemption from motor vehicle taxation for certain veterans
LB510 (Cook) Provide an income tax credit to employers of public assistance recipients
LB28 (Krist) Adopt the Radon Resistant New Construction Act
LB 105 (Watermeier) Change provisions relating to payment of fees and costs associated with deaths of incarcerated persons and grand juries
LB 105A (Watermeier) Appropriation Bill

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