PZieg Candidate National Committeewoman

Dear Party Leader,

Did you know that Nebraska is the only state with entirely public power? That’s thanks to early 20th century progressives.
Now, you and I have a chance to generate public power of a different sort by harnessing the grassroots energy sparked by current
events and the presidential campaign.

I ask your support for re-election as the Nebraska National Committeewoman in order to help the Nebraska Democratic Party (NDP)
to do this crucial work.  As a representative on the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and an NDP officer, I have focused my
work where I could accomplish the most. My efforts include:

• Helping Nebraskans gain a central role on the new DNC Labor Council
• Securing U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar as the 2015 Morrison Exon Dinner keynote speaker
• Participating in the vetting and selecting of a firm to prepare the NDP Strategic Plan
• Raising substantial funds for the 2nd Congressional District Democratic candidates
• Securing financial support to make Caucus 2016 a success.

Most importantly, I have listened to what you, and other Democrats across the state have said about the Party. Many of you want the Party to
do more to tend the grass roots, and well as the grass tops.  Our NDP Strategic Plan provides the roadmap for doing this. We have started
to implement it, but we must continue deliberately and with serious thought to our constituents.

I believe the NDP must partner with our grassroots volunteers to keep them energized and to engage them in building a more inclusive
Democratic Party — “a more perfect union.”  I hope to continue this work as your National Committeewoman. I am convinced that we
must work in this way in order to ensure a just society.

Thank you for your dedication to the principles we share and for your perseverance during some hard times. I hope that we will continue to
combine our energy and push “people power” across the State of Nebraska.

Patricia A. Zieg
National Committeewoman


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