Amy Buchanan

Amy Buchanan

Why I Am Running For Vice Chair of the Douglas County Democrats
Amy Buchanan   LD4-Omaha.

This Nebraska native has been living out-of-country for most of my adult life. I moved away from my hometown of Omaha in the early 1990’s after getting my first Bachelor degree, at UNO, and went to travel and live abroad in Europe and then Canada, where I married and started my family.  As my children began moving thru elementary school, I really began to miss my childhood home and so valued the experiences I had here growing up. I want to raise my kids in a place that might instill in them the values and experiences I was able to have throughout my childhood and into my adult years. In addition to that, my older brother, who was still living in the area, was in poor health and needed me.
I have been back in the Omaha area for almost 2 yrs now. I am so happy to be back ‘home’ with all ‘my people’. Omaha truly does feel like home! I am so enthused with the opportunity to be here, and grateful for the opportunities that are available in this amazing place.  It’s the people that live here that make all the difference, and make this such a great place to live. I have met and re-met so many others who had also moved away only to return in adult years, all agreeing: we can’t stay away, there’s; ‘something about this place’. Omaha has grown, expanded, diversified and blossomed. I can see such a difference from the Omaha of my youth and it motivates me to put myself out there in the community,  to participate in our local government, to be able to join with other voices to say;  THIS is who we are now, THIS is what we want for our communities.  I want to represent others in my community who see the world thru similar glasses and want the same things for our future here and for our children, and be able to add their voice too.
Growing up, watching; my mother participate here locally in politics in the 1970’s and my grandfather who sat on Omaha City Council and at state legislature where both a big influence on me. I want to be sure my children carry on with this participation thru the same influences, by watching their mother participate.
I return to Omaha after two decades of living in the most liberal and progressive country in the world (The Netherlands) then the most liberal progressive corner of North America;  Vancouver British Columbia.  The liberal and progressive values that are reflected in those places, are my values, Universal Health Care is a big one. My family enjoyed and depended on the benefits of universal health care, while living in Canada and our tax dollars being spent in ways that better represent the interests of ‘the people’.
My belief is that if more people stepped up and participated in our local politics, our local politics would not only represent US better, our community, state and national policies would be more progressive, and better reflect our more current values. I want to motivate, encourage and inspire more of our friends and neighbors to participate and I want them to know that their participation matters! I am running for Vice Chair, for my children, for my community, and for our party; the stronger our party is, the louder voice we will have.

In short, this is what I’ve been dedicating time to;
*Founding member of the Progressive Democrats of Nebraska Caucus
*Volunteer and Caucus Captain in LD4 Caucus March 2016
*Elected Presidential Preference Delegate from LD4
*Dedicated lifelong liberal and democratic socialist
*Native of Omaha freshly returned from 20 yrs ‘out-of-country’, living in the most liberal places on Earth.
*Enthused and eager to participate in my local community and be a liberal and progressive voice in our Democratic Party

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