Delegate Letter

Convention Day:

  • Date: Saturday, May 21, 2016 th
  • Location: Omaha North High Magnet School Gymnasium – 4410 North 36 
Street, Omaha, NE (36th and Ames Ave).
  • Time: Registration begins at 8:00AM and runs until 10:00AM. As an elected 
Presidential Preference Delegate from Caucus, please plan to be in your seat by 9:45AM as we will begin seating elected Presidential Preference Alternates for any missing Delegates soon after. Delegates not in attendance after 10AM may forfeit their convention seating to an Alternate. If neither Delegate nor Alternate is in attendance, a new Delegate may be appointed by the Convention.
  • If you are a member of a Pre-convention Caucus, those will take place from 8:45 to 9:30AM. Plan to be registered before those Caucuses begin.
  • Seating: Seating will be by Legislative District (LD) number, please be certain to sit with your respective LD. To find your Legislative District:
  • Resolutions: If you have resolutions or changes to the County Party Constitution or Bylaws to propose, please email them to the County Party office at [email protected] by 5:00 PM on Friday, May 13, 2016. Please plan to bring a minimum of 100 copies to share with convention participants. 
National Convention Required Paperwork: 
Delegate and Alternate Statement of Candidacy forms for Congressional District and State (“At-Large”) level National Convention Delegate seats must be received by the Nebraska Democratic Party by end of day, June 1, 2016. Forms are available at: 
You will need to print, complete, and mail two of these forms; one with “District-Level Delegate” checked, and the other with “At-Large Delegate” checked. If the form(s) are not returned by the deadline, you will not be allowed to run for Delegate or Alternate to the National Convention. 
Even though America is focused on the top job, often the most important legislation is passed on the 
city, county and state levels. Look at what our own Nebraska Legislature has done this past session with:

LB 10, the winner-take-all bill that would have changed the division of our Electoral College votes;
LB 947, the bill that allows those educated in Nebraska colleges the ability to gain license to work in Nebraska, or;

LB 1032, the very conservative bill to expand Medicaid to our most vulnerable citizens.


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