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Presidential Candidates and Campaign Contacts to Secure Public Events in Nebraska – Throughout 2015, we spoke with campaign staff and personally with Governor Martin O’Malley, Senator Bernie Sanders and Secretary Hillary Clinton about free public event(s) in Nebraska.  We were very happy when the Hillary for America campaign contacted both of us to help organize the free campaign event at Sokol Hall in Omaha.  Patty Zieg was asked to speak at the event itself.   We are still working on more free events for any candidate here before our Caucus and in the future.


August DNC Meeting in Minneapolis – We attended the DNC meeting where the debate over debates started.  The working committee analyzing the 2014 election results provided the final “2014 Democratic Victory Task Force Report” in a special session.  Copies are available on request.


We were able to thank United States Senator Amy Klobuchar and her staff for her wonderful appearance at the 2015 Morrison Exon Dinner.


Fundraising –  Patty Zieg secured Senator Klobuchar as a speaker through contacts made at last February’s DNC meeting. The Senator also shared her Nebraska donor list, which we forwarded to the NDP office to use in event promotion for the Senator’s speech.


After Senator Klobuchar’s generosity, we were happy to assist with the fundraiser Anne McGuire and Dr. Mike McGuire held the morning after the dinner. We need to keep our Democrats in the Senate and win more seats to regain the majority.


As we have all of our adult lives, we continue to raise money for candidates up and down the ballot and for the party across all levels.  We ask one simple question – does it help Democrats win? If yes, we do it. Whether it’s the House Majority Pac, The State Democratic Party, a county party, a candidate for statewide office or a local office – we have been there to help.  In addition, Ron is working with the International Unions and the new DNC Labor Caucus to bring more resources to Nebraska to help all levels of our party and our candidates.


Other Activities:


The upcoming caucus is a key to our success in November.  It is this most basic level of party organizing that makes Democrats win.  It builds the organization that we will use to win in the primaries, win in the general and win the city elections here in Omaha next Spring.  The smallest offices to the biggest offices are won right here at organizing meetings.  As DNC members, we are proud and excited to help build a successful county caucus.


We are recruiting volunteers and securing funds for the Douglas County Caucus.  The Caucus serves another role in providing meaningful engagement with our traditional base in North Omaha and the emerging electorate in the Latino community.   It is the very work outlined in our Strategic Plan.


Ron Kaminski has taken a national role in the DNC Labor Caucus and is helping vet proposed rules and resolutions for the National Convention.


Both of us are involved in recruiting candidates before the March filing deadline.  We meet with prospective candidates and contact our fellow Democrats to scope out potential candidates.


We are, of course, assisting Congressman Brad Ashford and his office in his re-election efforts.  We are very grateful to Congressman Ashford for his great work in getting President Obama to Omaha for the event at the Baxter Arena. It was a terrific event as was the Congressman’s get together at Clancy’s following the presidential event.


Thank you for the opportunity to work with you to build a stronger Democratic Party and to elect Democrats.

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