For the Junkie

Are you a Political Junkie?   Well, for all of you PJ’s, here is a list of websites that you may find of interest –


The Roll Call site.  Analysis and viewpoints.

Political Wire.  Topics of interest; polling data; senate and congressional outlooks

A View from the Big Apple.

Cook Political Report – Some interesting thoughts.

Real Clear – a compilation of analyses from a multitude of sources.

Sorting the truth from fiction.  This helps out.

For a nonpartisan view (or so they say).

And for some fun.  Need I say more.


OK – now if you have some sites you would like to share, please email them to me, Lanny Munson,  at [email protected] I will get them listed.  And finally, my thanks to my late wife, Jane Munson, a super PJ who checked these and other sites almost daily.



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