Hassebrook Announcement

I am writing to announce my candidacy for Chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party.

I am running because I want to work with you in building a strong party that elects more Democrats and engages Nebraskans in making our government work for us. We have the opportunity to reshape Nebraska politics over the next decade by acting strategically and aggressively.

Young Nebraskans share the value we place on religious, ethnic, racial and gender preference diversity and are deeply concerned about economic inequality. We must embrace, engage and work with young Nebraskans to create a better future. By doing so, we will improve our registrations every single year of the next decade.

Nebraska has a large population of potential new minority voters, daily disparaged by Republican presidential candidates. We must embrace, engage, and work with them to protect their rights and provide them the opportunity to become full participants in our communities and democracy. If we fight for them, they will fight for us.

American politics are being scrambled as evidenced by the success of and revulsion toward Donald Trump. When the apple cart is upset, risks and opportunities intensify. We can minimize the risk and tap the opportunity by demonstrating that we are the responsible party that will never prey on our neighbors or damage life for future generations, and the only party truly fighting for working Americans.

As Chair, I will work with you to build a strong Democratic party. I need your help. The Presidential Caucus and two strong Democratic presidential candidates have raised interest and Democratic registrations. We must build on those gains and listen to and engage those new participants. As Chair, I will prioritize three critical strategies:

Register More Democrats. There are ripe opportunities among young Nebraskans, new Nebraskans, Nebraskans suffering from worsening economic inequality, and moderate Republicans deserted by their party. Our current leadership has laid the ground work for increasing registrations. We must build on it.

Brand the Party. We must demonstrate through our words and deeds that we are the party of fairness and opportunity for working Nebraskans; the party of responsibility that protects the common good and future generations; the party of good neighbors that recognizes our obligations to all among us, and the party that invests in our future.

Support Democratic Candidates. We must make our state party one of the nation’s leaders in supporting its candidates through coordinated campaigns, training, and information on individual voter’s concerns.
Never forget that politics done well is noble because it is the art of making government by the people work for the people. We live in a time when it is in part corrupt, dishonest, and mean spirited. But as former Vice President Hubert Humphrey told me 40 years ago, the solution is to “get in there with your bar of political soap and clean it up.”

Let’s get at it.

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