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I am over the moon in excitement that the Native American Caucus of the Douglas County Democratic Party is now a reality! We did the unthinkable — we kept to an agenda precisely on the schedule we adopted, to the minute, we passed the by-laws unanimously, we elected all our officers unanimously, and we had 11 persons attending and filling out membership cards, when the minimum required is only 10! Plus we got additional membership cards submitted during the Central Committee meeting that followed.

The By-Laws will be posted on the Caucus FB page, which I will put in a link here. The membership form is already there and the address to send it to will be posted. The suggested dues are $15 annually, but they are not required, per Democratic Party National Rules. Our chair wrote out a check tonight for a years worth of dues for our 10 founding members, so we could all just give the money to him and get it going with a “nest egg” to start us off!

Congratulations to the following persons who were elected as officers:
Chair – Dr. Larry Bradley
Vice Chair – Dr. Pamela Jean Owens
Secretary – Shaina Claassen
Treasurer – Jesse Parker
Parliamentarian – T Stanford Michael Mommaerts-Brown (appointed by the chair)

Thanks go to Jesse Parker for holding his elders feet to the fire to make this happen; Jesse Parker, Larry Bradley, and I made a good team, I think, to put together a set of By-Laws that are progressive and comprehensive, but simple to understand and full of purpose and hope for Indian People in Douglas County to begin to get the representation in our party and our county, state, and nation we deserve and to be able to make the contributions we are so very capable of making.

My mentor, Professor Vine Deloria(God is Red, Custer Died for Your Sins) taught me that if we can’t express ourselves in language our elders can understand, then we don’t really understand what we are saying ourselves. My prayer is that we have done that tonight and that we will always continue to work on behalf of both the previous generation, who taught us, and the Seventh Generation, who is depending on us.

Thanks especially to Dr. Larry Bradley for opening our meeting in the Indian way with a beautiful prayer that I think set the tone of unity that guided us throughout our ground-breaking meeting.

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