PDA Nebraska

There is a new organization in Nebraska: PDA

PDA stands for Progressive Democrats of America
PDA also stands for People Demanding Action

The Nebraska Chapter of PDA was formed November 1.

PDA, originally known just as Progressive Democrats of America, was founded in July 2004 during the 2004 National Democratic Convention.

In January 2005 PDA held its first national conference in Washington, D.C. Tim Carpenter led the organization as its Executive Director. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. gave the keynote address.

In February 2005 350 activists attended PDAs Regional Summit in Phoenix to hear speakers, including Amy Goodman and Tom Hayden to plan the next steps: congressional district organizing and lobbying. PDAs strategy was and is to work inside and outside the Democratic Party, founding new chapters, like the one recently organized in Nebraska.

The inside strategy is to support progressive candidates in the party. From the very beginning PDA (Progressive Democrats of America) has done this. In 2008, PDA concentrated on key congressional campaigns. PDA made the difference in the victory of Donna Edwards over Albert Wynn in the Maryland primary. – PDA members worked the phones, walked the precincts, canvassed subway stops and shopping centers. PDA went on to help with her ultimate election victory. In addition PDA endorsed a number of progressive candidates. Basically, this is the strategy PDA follows today: endorse progressive candidates and pour energy into the ground campaign to help those candidates win.

The outside strategy (working outside the formal Democratic Party organization) is centered around key progressive issues, such as “Healthcare not Warfare” which is an issue campaign that links the fight for Healthcare for all/Single Payer with the fight to End US military involvement in so many parts of the world. the idea of joining the two was to make the connection between warfare and healthcare and to push for a shift in policies and priorities away from war and toward funding human needs at home.

With the introduction of the Affordable Care Act and the fight to get it passed PDA kept up the pressure for a Medicare for all option. Though this did not make it into the final version of the law, the fact that it stayed in the discussion right up until the end can be credited to PDA and other progressive organizations.

By 2010 the Issue Organizing Teams were playing a larger role in PDA. These are the main IOT’s as of 2015: Health Care Human Rights;  End Corporate Rule;  Stop Global Warming; End Mass Criminalization; Voter Access Protection & Election Integrity; Economic and Social Justice; Stop TPP Fast Track; End Wars & Occupations; Educate Congress.

PDANebraska Chair: Tom Tilden;  Events Coordinator: Bob Ramalay; Outreach/Coalition Building: Joe Orsi; Media/Social Media: Ken Riter; Fundraising Coordinator: Kathy Savory

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