Resolution Climate Change

Resolution on Climate Change

The Douglas County Convention,

Whereas climate change is real, manmade, and happening right now.

Whereas global temperatures have, by careful scientific measurement, increased by

2 degrees in the LAST one hundred years; and,

Whereas every region of the United States is already experiencing the effects of climate change and if the US and global community don’t act to curb current global emission, the emissions will likely lead to a predicted global temperature increase of over 7 degrees Fahrenheit by 2100. Climate conditions are already dangerous in many parts of the world and the US, and will become increasingly dangerous over the decades; and,

Whereas carbon pollution-causing climate change is responsible for air that is unhealthy to breath, contributing to health risks for everyone including many of our children,

grandchildren, and all future generations; and,

Whereas more than 130 members of Congress still refuse to acknowledge the scientific reality of climate change, and their denial is costing us time we cannot afford to waste.

Resolved, that the Douglas County Democratic Party:

  1. Demands that our governing bodies develop policies and laws to protect our environment permanently from wasteful and indiscriminate destruction; and,
  2. Must work to protect clean air, healthy water, and diverse ecosystems, including our national parks, ancient forests, and oceans, as they are part of our children’s and our children’s children’s future.


Submitted by:

Linda Bowman


LD 13

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