Ron K

Dear Progressive Democrat,

What an exciting time to be a Nebraska Democrat! Both of our presidential candidates offer so much more for our great Nation than this year’s field of GOP contenders and with your continued help we will elect another Democrat to represent us in the White House this year.

I’ve been your National Committeeman for the last four years and have been asked by many Nebraska Democrats to seek another term. I have worked to exceed expectations by raising monies and resources for our democratic candidates, issues, and our party while also getting national officials and candidates to visit our state. I’ve used my delegate vote as a pull to get three presidential candidates to hold free events this cycle and I am proud of the fact that President Obama recently visited our state for the first time since being elected.

I’m pleased we elected Democrat Brad Ashford to Congress in 2014. I’m very honored to have Congressman Ashford’s support and the support of all of our democratic state senators including Senator Ken Harr, Senator Heath Mello, Senator Sara Howard, Senator Tanya Cook, Senator Burke Harr, Senator Rick Kolowski, Senator Kate Bolz, Senator Sue Crawford, Senator Matt Hansen, Senator Patty Pansing Brooks, and Senator Adam Morfeld. I am also honored to have the support of many other elected officials, candidates, and party officials from across Nebraska, as I seek another term as your National Committeeman at our state convention.

I’m also pleased that we united and increased the minimum wage from $7.25 to $9.00 an hour in Nebraska for working families. Because of this work and standing up for workers I have earned the unanimous endorsements of the Nebraska AFL-CIO and it’s 145 affiliated unions, the Omaha Federation of Labor, and the Omaha Building and Trades Council for my reelection.

But this is all meaningless unless we protect our progress, remain united, and continue moving forward. Regardless of who our Presidential candidate is, we need to ensure we elect a Democrat to represent us in the White House, re-elect Congressman Ashford, and elect all the outstanding Democrats running for Legislature and local offices all across our great state.

Successful politics is about addition, not division, and when we work together there is so much more we can achieve. It’s been my honor, as a Nebraska native, to have played a part in building our party here at home and at the national level. Working with other delegates from across the country, I helped establish and organize the first ever labor caucus for the Democratic National Committee to increase wages, benefits, and working conditions for all workers across our country.

With your help, we will continue to build on our efforts to make our party more inclusive, transparent, and open to the active involvement of all people. We’ll continue to engage on issues important to our families and important to good government in Nebraska. Together, we’ll make the party competitive again in statewide elections. I pledge to you that I’ll continue to work with enthusiasm and diligence to ensure Democrats are on a solid path forward in Nebraska. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to me via email at [email protected] Thank you in advance for considering me for re-election as your Democratic National Committeeman.

Sincerely yours,
Ron Kaminski

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