Tom Tilden Announcement

I ask for your support for election to 2nd Associate Chair of the NDP. I believe my volunteer experience and the skills I have developed in that work will benefit our Democratic Party. I am convinced there is a tremendous potential for recruitment, and in particular recruitment of the many progressives who have been involved in the campaign to get Bernie elected. I know from experience that recruitment is done by building relationships with people and helping them see how they can get involved in the Party. I also believe they need to see that the volunteer work they are doing has value, and that means the Party must take on a larger role in fighting for progressive change.

Progressive change is based on a core respect for the right of each person to achieve their potential and to live their lives as they choose. This progressive perspective forms the foundation of my work in politics, and for me it means America must become a more democratic society. with a truly democratic economy and a democratic political culture in which the majority see a value in participating.

Therefore, issues that are important to me are a federal minimum wage of $15/hour; a federal jobs program to put people to work and to address the alarmingly high youth and minority unemployment rate and to rebuild our infrastructure.

I believe campaign finance reform is desperately needed. I am in favor of a Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizen’s United; and we need to put in place a system of public funding of elections and end the out of control campaign fundraising requirement that exists now.

Climate change is a serious problem, now actually considered a global emergency as the effects are coming to be better understood.

College Affordability is an issue that needs to be addressed with a federal funding program for public college and university tuition.

Healthcare is a right of citizenship. And the best way to assure this right is to enact a “single-payer” health care system which also will actually be more efficient and cost-effective,

We need a tax system which collects a fair tax from the super-rich and correspondingly taxes the rest of us in ways that we recognize as fair. We will also be able to fund the government programs needed to make our country more Progressive.

I also believe we need to address the issue of Racism in a way that respects those who do not have “privilege”. So, solutions must come from the communities that experience discrimination.

These, as you can see, are Bernie’s positions; and, they are the foundation of real Progressive Reform. I am proud to be a Nebraska Progressive and hope that you will support me and vote for me.

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