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Omaha legislative candidate targets health care, education



Jackie Collett LD20

Jackie Collett, an Omahan who has worked directly with low-income families, at-risk youth, drunk-driving victims and people fighting cystic fibrosis while managing programs for nonprofit organizations, announced Monday that she will be a 2018 candidate for the Legislature.

Collett, who is a registered Democrat, will seek the 20th District seat now held in the nonpartisan Legislature by Sen. John McCollister of Omaha, a registered Republican.

Collett said she will make health care, the environment and education the focus of her campaign.

“I’m running (because) I believe in a more inclusive, compassionate and equal Nebraska,” she said.

“I’ve always had a passion for bringing all sectors of a community together and have worked with government agencies, faith-based organizations, law enforcement, local businesses and foundations to foster positive change for the people who need it most.”

Collett has been an IT project manager at CLS Investments for almost four years.

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