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A ‘significant’ political milestone: Black Omahans lead three local government bodies



“This week, the Douglas County Board elected Chris Rodgers as its chairman, and the Omaha Public Schools board elected Marque Snow as its president.

With Ben Gray as president of the Omaha City Council, that means that the Douglas County Board, the Omaha City Council and the Omaha Public Schools board are all led by African-American men.

While several black people have earned leadership roles on those various boards in the past, and it’s unclear if this event is a first, it’s a noteworthy occurrence for black elected officials to lead the three local government panels.

“I see it as significant,” said Franklin Thompson, who for 16 years served on the City Council and now heads the Omaha Human Rights and Relations Department.

Rodgers was elected 6-0 Tuesday (he abstained) as chairman. Marque Snow was elected as president of the OPS board with six out of nine votes Monday night. The City Council had unanimously re-elected Gray in June for a second term as its president.”


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