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Sen. Bob Krist – a common sense moderate Democrat



Sen. Bob Krist to take on Ricketts as common sense moderate Democrat
Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler says Krist will represent all Nebraskans

LINCOLN, NE – State Senator Bob Krist recently announced he will challenge Gov. Pete Ricketts as a common sense moderate and member of the Nebraska Democratic Party.
“Today I’m announcing I am forming a partnership with the Nebraska Democratic Party,” Krist said. “I registered with the Douglas County Election Commission as a member of the Democratic Party. And filed to run in the May Primary Election for Governor with the Nebraska Secretary of State. Should they choose to do so, I would be pleased to accept the nomination to become their candidate to take on Pete Ricketts this November.”

Krist said the decision to challenge Ricketts as a Democrat came after several months of exploring other
options to gain access to the ballot.  “Two weeks ago I filed a lawsuit in Federal Court asking that Gov. Ricketts’ law, that rigged the system and for all practical purposes, blocked independent candidates access to the ballot, be declared unconstitutional.
For the sake of future candidates, we are hopeful this most restrictive law in the country is struck down,” Krist
said. “We have also explored the idea of forming a third party in order to gain access to the ballot. We’ve said
from the beginning that we will look for the most efficient way to get on the ballot in order to provide Nebrakans
with a choice to the failed leadership of Pete Ricketts,” he said.

Krist was joined at the news conference by former state senator and current three-term Lincoln Mayor
Chris Beutler.  Said Beutler; “Nebraska, in my opinion, is not on the right track. We need a problem solver. We need a
strong leader who’s not afraid to tackle the tough issues. We need a leader who can and will reach across the aisle
and really talk to Republicans, Democrats and independents in a genuine effort to represent all Nebraskans.”

“Bob Krist is that leader. When he was fighting for prenatal care or initiating the changes in juvenile
justice that is keeping our kids out of detention, he didn’t do as a Republican or a Democrat. He fought for these
issues as a Nebraskan, because they were the right thing to do,” Beutler said.
“Bob Krist will be the Governor that stands up for common sense and against partisanship from either
side. He will be a man who will look at Nebraskans in all walks of life and ask how we can we help this woman or
this man achieve the Good Life our state promises. That’s why I’m proud to give my support today for Sen. Bob
Krist as the next governor of the State of Nebraska,” Beutler said.

“I’m proud to follow in the tradition of Chris Beutler, Ben Nelson and others who are identified by a
political party, but are known first as strong, independent, principled leaders,” Krist said.
“I did not agree with everything in the Republican Platform. Nor will I agree with everything in the
Democratic Platform. My core brand is strong, principled leadership. My campaign for governor will focus on
getting things done with all Nebraskans at the table,” Krist said.
“Voters are fed up with partisan politics that divide us rather than unite us. Partisan bickering in
Washington has spread to our nonpartisan Nebraska Legislature , and our current Governor has worsened the
situation by personally bankrolling challengers to senators who don’t vote right down the line with him,” he said.
“I have 90 days before the May 15 Primary Election to introduce myself to Nebraskans registered in the
Democratic Party and to earn their trust. You have my word I will listen, just like I have for the past 10 years as a
State Senator. I hear Nebraskans loud and clear when they say they want a reprieve from partisan governance. I
pledge to bring all of us together and to focus on unity and problem-solving, not ideology to move our great state
forward,” Krist said.

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