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Candidates, Candidates, Candidates



Have you noticed the wealth of candidates for President that we have? Well, there is a growing list of Democrats who want to be a member of the House of Representatives as well. In the past couple of months we have two more Democrats announcing bids to be the candidate  – Ann Ashford and Morgann Freeman.

Ann Ashford announced in early February.  Ann states, “We all have to stand up for one another, we all have to support one another and we all have to make sure that the American dream is realized for all of us.”  Ann, an attorney, said that her main focus would be jobs, the economy and standing up for marginalized people.

Morgann Freeman announced recently.  Morgann says, “I’m running because I believe we deserve representation that truly serves everyone in the district, and that we should put the power of governance back into the voters’ hands.”  A freelance communications consultant, Morgann says that her focus will be on health care, flood repair and “never-ending war”.

Ashford and Freeman join Kara Eastman in the race for the nomination to unseat Don Bacon.

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