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Dan Esch to Seek Re-Election



Dan Esch to Seek Re-Election as Douglas County Clerk in 2020

Dan Esch announced he will seek re-election as Douglas County Clerk in 2020.
“It is an honor to serve the citizens of Douglas County as their county clerk, and I would love the opportunity to
continue serving the citizens in this role,” Esch said.
In November 2015, the Douglas County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to appoint Esch to complete
the unexpired term of the late Thomas F. Cavanaugh. Esch was elected as Douglas County Clerk the following
November. Prior to his time as Douglas County Clerk, Esch had worked in the Douglas County Clerk’s office for
nearly eight years.
Esch said he’s running for re-election because he believes government officials need to be accessible, helpful and
informative. “Everyday, the Douglas County Clerk’s office is connecting citizens to the government services they
need and providing important public information. That’s why I love working here.”
Esch said the Douglas County Clerk’s office has continued to improve access to public records. Under Esch’s
leadership, the Douglas County Clerk’s office has created an online search engine for Douglas County Board of
Equalization records and a new online reporting format for the weekly vendor payments made by Douglas County.
Esch also highlighted the office’s efforts to post up-to-date information during high-profile events, such as Douglas
County’s public safety bond issue and the proposed Douglas County Justice Center project.
“It feels good when people tell us they were able to learn about something because of what the Douglas County
Clerk’s office posted online,” Esch said.
In addition to these online improvements, Esch noted the continued recognition of Douglas County’s financial
reporting. The Government Finance Officers Association recently awarded Douglas County its 15th consecutive
Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting and its 10th consecutive Award for Outstanding
Achievement in Popular Annual Financial Reporting.
“Douglas County deserves a county clerk’s office that holds itself to the highest standards and takes proactive steps
to keep its citizens informed,” Esch said. “That’s what the office is doing now, and that’s what the office will
continue to do if I’m re-elected as Douglas County Clerk.”

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