New DCDP Officers



At the recent County Convention, the delegates elected a new slate of officers.  Since then, the new Chair, Mr. CJ King, has added members to the Executive Committee to form a Leadership Team.  CJ says “With the added diversity and excitement, our Team is ready to take the County Party forward and elect Democrats to office.”  The new officers are:

Chair – Mr. CJ King

Vice Chair – Ms. Dulce Sherman

Secretary – Mr. Nick Miller

Treasurer – Mr. Jay Ignowski

Latinx Representative – Ms. Lucia Pedroza Estrada

African American Representatives – Mr. William King and Ms. Kimara Snipe

Diversity Representatives – Mr. Jason Valandra and Mr. Ken Riter

Executive Advisors – Ms. Deborah Neary and Ms. Lacy Merica

The County Convention also elected new Central Committee mmbers as well as delegates to the NDP State Convention.  Both conventions were held remotely due to the ongoing pandemic.

Chair King will be leading the first meeting of the new Central Committee on Thursday, June 25.

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