Official Results – April 6th Primary



The Douglas County Election Commission has officially certified the April 6th City of Omaha Primary Election. Congratulations to all those who advanced on to the May 11th General Election. Here are the results:

Mayor of Omaha: RJ Neary

City Council Ward 1: Pete Festersen

City Council Ward 2: Ben Gray and Juanita Johnson

City Council Ward 3: Danny Begley

City Council Ward 4: Vinny Palermo

City Council Ward 5: Patrick Leahy

City Council Ward 6: Naomi Hattaway

City Council Ward 7: Sara Kohen

You can find the detailed results here:

Thank you to all those who ran for office but did not move on to the General Election. We are grateful that you took the leap and put yourself out there.

Buckle up, we’re on to May 11th!

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