Senator Hunt’s Legislative Update as of April 28th



Status of My Bills
LB 121 – Expand SNAP access by lifting the ban to food benefits for people with prior drug convictions. Advanced to General File on March 9th
LB 131 – Municipal updates bill package. Advanced to General File Urban Affairs committee priority 
LB 250 – Interior Design Voluntary Registration Act. Advanced to General File on February 17th Will likely be debated in 2022
LB 260 – Unemployment for caregivers in the Employment Security Law Advanced to Final Reading  Designated as my personal priority 
LB 277 – Harmonize the Mobile Home Landlord and Tenant Act Amended into a Judiciary Housing Package via LB 320 (Cavanaugh, J.) Advanced to Final Reading on April 20th
LB 357 – Youth in Care Bill of Rights Advanced to General File on March 12th Will likely be debated in 2022

Priority Bills I Support 
By no means is this list comprehensive. I want to highlight some of the most impactful priority bills my colleagues have introduced this session.
LB 320 (Cavanaugh, J.) – contains my LB 277; Judiciary Housing Bill Package   LB 320 provides housing protections for victims of domestic violence Committee amendment (AM 450) included portions of several bills addressing Landlord/Tenant issues into LB 320. Portions of LBs 45, 46, 246, 268, 277, and 402 are included in the amendment.  Advanced to Final Reading on April 20th
LB 258 (Vargas, Hansen, M. priority) – Adopt the Healthy and Safe Families and Workplaces Act Requires employers to provide employees with access to paid sick and safe leave.   Advanced to General File on March 17th
LB 108 (McCollister) – Addresses the SNAP cliff effect  There is a two-part income eligibility test under SNAP: first, gross income eligibility (130% of federal poverty limit) and second, net income eligibility.  When a family applies for SNAP, the first question is whether their gross income is at or below 130% of the federal poverty guidelines LB 108 would set gross income eligibility at 185% of the federal poverty guidelines. The net income eligibility limit would not change Advanced to Select File on April 20th
LB 298 (McDonnell) – Extend unemployment benefits to all eligible work-authorized immigrants Placed on General File on March 29th 
LB 241 (Vargas) – Adopt the Meatpacking Employees COVID-19 Protection Act Advanced to General File on March 17th
LB 474 (Wishart) – Legalize medicinal cannabis by adopting the Medicinal Cannabis Act Advanced to General File on March 31st
LB 306 (Brandt) – Expand eligibility for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Changes requirement from 130% of the federal poverty level to 150%, making more Nebraska households eligible.  Advanced to General file on March 9th 
LB 485 (DeBoer) – Expand eligibility for the Child Care Subsidy program Increase income eligibility limit from 130% to 185% of the federal poverty level

Priority Bills I Oppose
LB 2 (Briese) – Reduces the valuation of agricultural land for school bonding
This will cause revenue losses resulting in cuts to schools, health care, and other services Nebraskans need
LB 11CA (Erdman) – Replaces current tax system with a consumption tax. If passed, it will reduce state revenue by $4 billion and adds taxes to essential services, disproportionately shifting the tax burden onto low and middle-income Nebraskans.  Tax policy experts largely disagree with this approach
LB 408 (Briese, Geist priority) – Limits property tax growth requests from localities to 3% per year. This undermines local control and will have harmful impacts on local governments, who are already accountable to their constituents to keep property taxes low The state does not need to overreach and set an inflexible limit that communities should decide for themselves I support property tax relief through increased state support for schools and think these proposals cut in the opposite direction. This bill was filibustered and is considered dead for the year
LB 281 (Albrecht) – Requires school districts to adopt specific instructional programs Mandating curriculum is a legislative overreach The authority to craft education standards should remain with the NE Board of Education

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