County and State Conventions 2022 – its different this year



The timeline for the Democratic Conventions are definitely different this coming year. We asked State Rules Committee Chair, Mr. Trevor Fitzgerald, for an explanation of the changes. Here is what Trevor has to say:

“The State Central Committee (SCC) voted to formally adopt the 2022 Convention Schedule at its meeting on October 3rd.  While traditionally we have held conventions during the summer, the adopted schedule would hold the County Convention window from March 1-20, with State Convention April 1-3 in Hastings.

Because 2022 is not a presidential year, we don’t have to worry about fitting the Democratic National Committee’s timeline for National Convention and the delegate selection process.  While there were a handful of reasons that we ended up going to the spring timeline, the two primary (and I think, most compelling) reasons were the following:  1) With the decennial redistricting cycle, Legislative Districts (LD) throughout the state have been drastically redrawn.  Since we organize the SCC by LD, holding convention early this cycle helps us get a jump-start on organizing in the new LD boundaries.  This is particularly helpful in those districts that are up this election cycle, particularly the new LD 36, which moved from Central Nebraska to Sarpy and parts of Douglas County; and 2) The typical summer schedule frequently interferes with county fairs and other summer events, putting a damper in efforts to campaign at these events, particularly in greater Nebraska.  Holding Convention in the Spring allows us to increase visibility for the party and our candidates throughout the summer, and doesn’t take away from critical weeks of prime door-knocking weather.

We were particularly cognizant of the primary schedule, which is why State Convention was scheduled a month before the primary.  Hopefully this should help candidates potentially use the convention schedule to recruit volunteers for their GOTV primary push.”

Our Douglas County Central Committee will be setting the date for the convention and explaining how one can become a delegate. Look for updates on this website.

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