Moody says, “I’m running for Re-election!”



Craig Moody, OPPD Director for District 5, has announced that he is running for re-election to his seat on the board. Here is his announcement:

It has been an honor to serve the people of District 5 on the OPPD Board of Directors, and I am excited to announce that I am running for re-election!

My five years on the board have been some of the most fulfilling work of my life. I’m proud to say we (the OPPD board + staff collectively) have accomplished quite a bit. The board set a long-term goal of net zero emissions by 2050. The district is executing on its Power with Purpose plan to add significant solar capacity with natural gas backup. We hired a new CEO, Javier Fernandez, who is an exceptional leader. Decommissioning of the Fort Calhoun nuclear plant is on time and on budget. We’ve held firm on five straight years of no general rate increases (although one is planned for 2022), and the district continues to be an industry leader in reliability, safety, economic development, customer service, and diversity, equity and inclusion.  

I have no doubt that OPPD is headed in the right direction – towards a clean and climate-friendly future that also provides customer-owners with reliable, resilient and affordable service. And while the vision for OPPD’s future is clear and true, much work is needed to get there. Our work turns to implementing that vision, which is arguably more difficult. It requires deep knowledge of the industry, smooth navigation of the politics, learning from our challenges, and pragmatically moving the organization through the transition ahead. 

I’m energized by what lies ahead and look forward to continuing this work. Leadership will be critical to carry OPPD through these times of significant industry change and ensure we are better on the other side. 


My priorities have been and will continue to be:

  1. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  2. Affordable and reliable service
  3. Inclusive public engagement
  4. Leading the clean energy transition
  5. Cohesive board governance

Get involved and stay in touch! 

We ran a people-powered campaign in 2016, and we intend to do the same in 2022. There are many ways for you to get involved! And, of course, these campaigns cost a few bucks, and I would greatly appreciate any financial support you can provide. Click here to contribute!

Learn more at, and stay in the know via email, or by following me on Twitter (mostly), Facebook and Instagram.

Onward and upward!


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