What’s the Legislature doing?



People often want to know. A good way to find out is to visit the Nebraska Unicameral website. A good starting point is the Legislative Calendar. (

From this link, you can do a number of things. First click on the day you wish to view. An activity list will appear. From the list, you can click on the activity in which you are interested.

Committee Hearings – one item on the list is the “Hearing Schedule”. This is the first major step in the life of proposed legislation. The hearing schedule is listed by committee and then by bill number. This is the point when YOU as a citizen have an opportunity to make your thoughts heard on a particular piece of legislation. You can attend a hearing and speak, or you can submit your thoughts in writing.

You are encouraged to click on the various links (any highlighted phrase or name) on the various pages to learn how to ascertain the information you seek. Additionally, on the left of each page is the index for the entire site. The site is pretty friendly and has a wealth of information for us.

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