Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh forms anti-hate PAC



A message from Senator Cavanaugh –

[Last Friday], the majority of my colleagues chose to legislate hate. 
They voted to advance the anti-trans bill that launched my filibuster over seven weeks ago – a bill that will ban life-saving health care for transgender children in Nebraska.
I’m furious. I’m devastated. But I am not defeated. I launched Don’t Legislate Hate PAC to fight back against this EXACT kind of hateful legislation nationwide. 

The grassroots network we’re building here through Don’t Legislate Hate PAC has the power to put hateful, anti-LGBTQ+ legislators on notice: 
If you vote to bully, exclude, or harm trans kids, we will be targeting you for defeat.
While [last Friday] was tragic, our fight to protect LGBTQ+ youth is just beginning.

Help us launch our work to elect LGBTQ+ allies to state legislatures across all 50 states in the upcoming election cycle.

Thank you,
Machaela Cavanaugh 
State Senator for Nebraska’s 6th District
Co-Chair, Don’t Legislate Hate PAC

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