A note for the Chair



Hi Folks.

Just wanted to give an update from the Chair.  First, thanks for all that you do!  The party runs on activated and enthusiastic volunteers.  Without you, we are just a name and an office, it’s your hard work that helps us make progress.

One job we’ve been working on lately is our candidate recruitment committee.  We have a group that has been meeting every month to work on finding and encouraging folks to run for office.  We need to get folks on the ballot that will promote and defend the values of our party.  Unfortunately, it seems like all that you hear about public service is negative.  As the forever optimist, I believe in the good of people and I know we have lots of talented people who are willing to step up and take on the challenges of running for office and will do a great job when we help them win!    

To win, candidates need to have more people registered, informed and voting.  One volunteer, Anthony Zarzycki, has been downtown on Sunday’s registering folks and spreading the word about our party. This week, he was interviewed by the media about his efforts.  He also sponsored a resolution that was passed by the central committee to work on voter registration through the end of the year.  September 19th is National Voter Registration Day.  We are kicking the project off and making a little competition.  We’re keeping track of success in each Legislative District.  We have an east and west division and we’ll be updating the scores.  The results will be announced, but the victory will be in getting our candidates elected up and down the ballot!!  Please sign up to make calls and texts to get voters registered.  It’s easy and can be done in whatever timeframe you would like.  There’s a script prepared to use for making contacts and there’s a mobilize link on our site.  If you have any questions, contact me to talk.

Thanks for all that’s getting done.  These are exciting times.  We have done a great job in Douglas County but haven’t always had the results we wanted.  I can feel the momentum changing.  The Republican party is in disarray, now is our time.  Let’s all work together and get some great things done!

If anyone wants to reach out to me, my number is 402-651-7146.  Look forward to hearing from you or better yet, seeing you at our next CC meeting or event!


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