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Art and Drinks for Kara Eastman


Nov 16

5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Please join John, Jim, and Carol Prouty and Friends of Kara Eastman for an evening of art, cocktails, snacks and talk at the home of John Prouty, 4825 South 25th Street, Omaha, NE in support of Kara Eastman!
Kara is running for the Democratic Congressional nomination for Nebraska’s 2nd District!
Suggested donation is $50 for one person, or $100 for two, or give more to be a co-host or host.
And, if you can’t come you can still donate . . . Please give generously! Every dollar makes a huge difference. You will be entered into a drawing for door prizes selected by John Prouty himself!


Questions? Email Dave Pantos at [email protected] or call (402) 672-3091

4825 South 25th Street, Omaha, NE, United States

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