DCDP Candidate Communication Resources

The Douglas County Democratic Party may provide communication resources through various mediums such as email, newsletter, social media or referrals to an outside service benefitting a candidate’s campaign. Our goal is to ensure candidates know who we are and are aware of the communication resources provided by the DCDP office.


All Candidates must meet the following eligibility requirements, which will be verified:

  • Registered Democrat in Douglas County (timing varies – see the Election Commissioner)
  • File for public office with the Douglas County Election Commissioner
  • Sign a Candidate MOU form which adheres to DCDP and NDP (Nebraska Democratic Party) policy
  • Track the service provided as an in-kind donation if using DCDP email marketing services or VAN provided by the NDP


Candidates may request the following resources based on their budget and needs:

  • DCDP e-mail marketing services
  • Social media posts
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Referral to direct-mail printers
  • VAN access through the NDP

Email Service:

The DCDP will publish campaign emails for a candidate or designated staff with the following guidelines:

  • Coordinate sending up to a total of four (4) e-mails on a candidate’s behalf:

o Two (2) during the Primary Election and two (2) during the General Election

  • Provide content ready format to the DCDP Executive Director three (3) business days prior to desired mailing date. [The DCDP does not have the resources available to write or revise copy.]
  • Content may include biographical information about the candidate, upcoming event(s), or their position on an issue pertaining to their political race
  • No content will be published that is considered negative or derogatory in nature toward a candidate’s opponent

Weekly Newsletter:

The DCDP publishes an online weekly newsletter on Tuesday afternoons that includes campaign updates, events, and other important information:

  • Each candidate or their staff is responsible for notifying the Executive Director if they would like to have their events published in the weekly newsletter by 5:00 pm CST one business day prior to the publishing day of Tuesday.

Social Media:

  • Each candidate may request that two (2) social media posts for an event and/or tag the DCDP which will be approved by the Executive Director
  • Any graphics provided must be graphic content ready [The DCDP does not have the resources to produce art for candidates].


  • The DCDP from time to time may print a slate card in coordination with the NDP, refer other resources that may be helpful to a candidate’s campaign (e.g. outside printers, the NDP to access voter information files, NDP Candidates of Color fund, or the Douglas County Election Commissioner’s office).

The Chair, Executive Director, or a designated DCDP representative may meet with candidates to review the “candidate checklist” to help with understanding what other services are available through the DCDP office. This information is listed on our website so it is easily accessible to candidates or those contemplating running for office.

The Douglas County Democratic Party is not in any way responsible for the dissemination of a candidate’s campaign target email information. The DCDP reserves the right to change this procedure as it deems necessary or remove content that is not in the best interest of the DCDP, with or without notice.

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