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Cox email address

Thank you for signing up using your Cox email address.  Here is an explanation of why your address may have problems receiving DCDP emails and the steps required to tell Cox that it is OK to get emails from us.

Why – Cox has a rigorous process for trying to identify spam. Cox has decided to automatically delete any spam that is sent to any of their customers.  Hence you may be getting spam, and you do not know it; it is deleted before you have a chance to see it.  For a variety of reasons, Cox may view individual messages as spam.  Indeed, this is what is happening to some of the emails DCDP sends.  Then when our email service receives information that an excessive number of messages cannot be delivered (they are flagged as potential spam), the service  terminates the receiver’s address.  And we are barred from reinstating it;  the address owner must do it.

After completing the signup form to tell our email service to allow  your address, do the following to tell Cox what to do.

Steps –  you must open your email at the Cox email website as follows

  1.  Click HERE to launch the site.  Or in a browser type this phrase –   and press enter.
  2. Enter your email address and password.   The result will be your email “INBOX” screen.
  3. Click on the “wheel” on the upper right corner of the screen – this is the “settings” wheel.
  4. In the dropdown list, click on the top item – “Settings”.
  5. On the left, click on “Inbox”
  6. Then click the bottom item, “Spam Settings”.    The result is a list of 3 items.  The bottom one, “Delete spam messages…” is probably active (the radial button is black).  You have a choice:
    1. Leave as is and have all spam messages (including some items from DCDP) deleted without your chance to see them.
    2. Click the top radial button and have all items identified as spam delivered to your INBOX.
    3. Click the middle button and have all items identified as spam delivered to your spam folder for you to see if you wish.

Most users find the middle button (choice 3 above) preferable.  It keeps their INBOX clean and allows them to see potential spam.  If it is not spam, it can be marked as such and will automatically move to the INBOX.

There is another option – one can create a “Filter Rule” (after step 6 above).  If you prefer that option, do so, or for more explanation email [email protected]

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