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Contribute to the DCDP and help us continue to elect Democrats that represent the diversity of Douglas County!

Your contributions are pivotal to ensure that we are out-registering our counterparts and getting out the vote for each election.

Please consider a contribution to help us keep the momentum going!

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Join the G.E.M. Program

Become a member of our esteemed Giving Every Month donor club!

This program is the chief fundraising vehicle of the Douglas County Democratic Party.

From our GEMs program, the party raises the money that it uses to fulfill its monthly obligations, which includes rent for our office space, office phones and internet access, our website, and our email marketing services. This allows us to focus on candidate recruitment, messaging, and engaging voters in their own neighborhoods.

Contact C J King, Party Chair at [email protected]  to sign up!



Become an active member in the Douglas County Democratic Party and help us continue to reach our goals of:

  • Maintaining our lead in voter registration across Douglas County!
  • Registering 10,000 Democratic voters in Douglas County!
  • Assisting local, state, and federal Democratic candidates for various elected offices!
  • Providing the community with a powerful and unifying Democratic message!

There are plenty of ways to help us achieve these goals and continue to grow the DCDP.

SIGN UP TODAY   and become a part of the faster growing County Party in the State!

Please NOTE: If you have a Cox email address – please read the following:

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Run for Office

Let us help provide you the important information you need to know on what it takes to run for public office.

If you are thinking of running for office, contact our party Chair, C J King, at [email protected] and he will inform you of all the ways the DCDP can assist you in your campaign.

Check out our DCDP Communication Resources page to learn more about how we can support your campaign!

For additional questions or comments, contact us at [email protected]

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